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April 2017 will be commensuration the centenary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Satyagrah.. The journey of Gandhi Ji to Champaran is inspiring. Gandhi ji came to Bihar at the invitation of indigo cultivator Raj Kumar Shukla, but he immersed himself completely in the struggle of indigo cultivators.

In his comprehensive journey of becoming a Mahatma, Champaran is of great importance. But what remains to be crucial is the missing links in locating Gandhi’s journey of being Mahatma as the world know him.

Lok Jagran Samiti (A group of Gandhian Thinkers in Champaran) and various other Indo-African stakeholders are planning a hundred day-long journey to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gandhi ji’s first visit to Bihar and the Satyagraha movement led by him.

The Gandhian philosophy has been a philosophy of liberation for many. Whether, we see him as a negotiator with modernity and tradition or bring him to the indigenous struggle.

He had remained and continues to be a guiding light for different struggles of liberation. During our hundred days journey we will be visiting most of the places that Gandhi Ji touched upon and would be highlighting the indigenous struggle. The focus will not be only be in reaching out to the place but to collectively aware people on the issues of caste based discrimination and racism.

Our association with collaboration among Indian and African citizens will try to revive the Gandhian ideas of struggle against aforesaid evil practices of discrimination. The uniqueness of this journey will be coming together of narratives from Africa, where Gandhi Ji began his journey of Mahatma and narratives from India where his journey of becoming Mahatma accomplished.  

Date: 2nd October 2016 on SUNDAY from 10AM onwards.

Venue: West Champaran, Bihar.

For more details download Concept Note Here

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