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Let’s make GANDHI’s Dream True . . .

Historical presence of Gandhi in various locations and his contribution are recognized only in limited understanding. This 2nd October, 2016 we are looking forward for an opportunity to connect the missing links and use the occasion of birthday of Mahatma as an opportunity to revive the shared legacy of his journey. Read More ....

Mahatma Gandhi and His Experiments

Gandhiji makes it very clear that the greatness of Gandhi was no sudden and overwhelming greatness but rather the greatness of an ordinary man who through a long and disciplined process of trial and error, achieved greatness indubitably his own.
By Manasa Rao / April 20, 2014 Read More ....

Reha Shishodia's Art work on Mahatma Gandhi

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Tourists invited to live like Gandhi
in his ashram

Tourists searching for peace and simplicity can for the first time check in to Mahatma Gandhi's most famous ashram in India. But don't expect modern comforts. And chastity is required.
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Meeting with Ela Gandhi -
An Interview with the Granddaughter of Mohandas Gandhi

By: Nicolas Rossier, Filmmaker and reporter
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